Before starting to use KOMOBI:

Make sure that the box where you received your KOMOBI device includes:

- KOMOBI device equipped directly for its installation

- Smart keychain

- Installation instructions (with the two QR codes)


Easy, fast and without having to go to the mechanic

Choose the site to place your device

You must NOT start the motorcycle under any circumstances during the entire process.

DO NOT remove the adhesive until you reach the "paste your device" step

You can place the device inside or outside the motorcycle. The position can be of the right (logo visible to the sky) or of the reverse (part of the visible adhesive), and in any direction, but you CANNOT place it vertically.

We recommend installing it of the right for greater GPS accuracy.

Of the right

Of the reverse

Paste your device

Choose a good place on your motorcycle to stick your device, it must be completely flat so that the adhesive is perfectly fixed. We recommend places like under your seat, or under the gas tank.

Never stick it on the engine

Before removing the protection from the adhesive, you must clean the area where you are going to paste it. Wipe it thoroughly with a damp cloth, and once it is seemingly clean, review the area always cleaning it in the same direction. In this way the adhesive will stick to the desired surface and not to dirt.

Then remove the protection, paste your device and press on it for a minute . During the first hour you will have acquired 60% of your adhesive strength, after 24 hours you will have 100%.

Connect it to the battery

Caution when screwing / unscrewing the screws due to electrical risk

The cable must be connected to the motorcycle battery. Note that it has to be connected to the battery loosely.

Loosen both battery screws (without removing them completely), insert the cable terminals so that they embrace the screw and tighten them again.

The blue wire must be on the positive terminal of your battery and the brown one on the negative.

Synchronize your device with the App

Download the KOMOBI application in your App Store:

Enter the application and register with your email.

Carefully follow all the steps to follow to synchronize the App with the Device.

Be careful when you pull the safety tab of the keychain, if it is removed abruptly it are in danger of breaking.


In just a few steps, you can have your motorcycle always connected and safe.

If you have any questions, write us an email to komobi.moto@gmail.com or contact us directly by WhatsApp at +34 693 04 84 96