KOMOBI smart key fob


Magnetic charging
Fast charging (2h)
3-month battery life
Low battery LED warning
Avoid false alarms


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The smart key fob is the perfect companion for you and your motorbike.

What does it do? You’ll be able to avoid false alarms and enjoy the peace of mind of picking up or leaving your motorbike without any alarms going off, knowing that if you move, your motorbike will recognise you.

In other words, when carrying the key fob with you and getting close to your motorbike, it recognises you as the owner and prevents the alarms from being activated.

And to make it even easier, we’ve designed a charging system that means you don’t have to open the device, and it’s also protected against water, the smart charger.

Designed for you, in the palm of your hand. Your safety comes first!


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